Why ZZ of SoFlo? Well, ZZ are my initials and SoFlo is short for South Florida.

I created this website not only to showcase my creative work, but to also create another form of communication to express my thoughts and ideas in writing, audio & visual.


Born & raised in Miami, I grew up in a household where music was always a part of our lives.  My father had a collection of records and you would always find him on the couch with his headphones on just listening to music on his belt-drive turntable.

My mother on the other-hand would play the music loud while she cooked and cleaned.  Her form of exercise was dancing while cleaning which I catch myself doing as well to this very day.

My first record player was actually part of a stereo system that not only played records, but was a dual deck cassette system where I could record as well.  Back in the 80s, everything was still analog and I would record all my favorite songs from the radio.  I even tried creating mixes with my cassette player by cutting the cassette tape and taping the various parts of songs together as one and would come out pretty good IMO.

In 2009, working as a legal assistant in a law firm, I came to find out that the attorney I worked for was a DJ back in the 90s and had 2 turntables sitting in his garage.  I bought them (your mouth would drop if you heard how much I paid) and spent all my weekend mornings just practicing and practicing until I learned how to beat-match.  I started recording my mixes and posting them online and the rest is history.

With dance, my mother placed me in ballet class when I was 4 years old and continued taking classes (including tap & jazz) at Dance Unlimited until I reached high school.  I joined my high school’s danceline and loved performing with the band at half-time shows and pep-rallys.  As a local Miamian, my weekends would consists of going to nightclubs, dance the night away and eventually started working as a Go-go dancer where I was actually paid to put on pretty costumes and dance to house music.

Dance always seemed to come natural to me and it wasn’t until 2012 when I learned about Zumba, became a licensed instructor and evolved into the world of fitness where I can use my talents with movement and music together to inspire others to live healthy, actively while bringing happiness within their own lives.

Some more fun facts: When I’m not teaching fitness classes or providing sound and music for events, I’m a Realtor in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.  Read my story called The Journey Into Real Estate on my sister website The Heart of Fort Lauderdale.



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