New Year, Better You… Seriously!

New Year Update 2019

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all had a great holiday break and ready to conquer your goals in 2019.

Between you and me, I honestly don’t believe in the whole “New Year, New Me” slogan but I do believe in “New Year, Better You” instead.  Each new year is an opportunity to better ourselves, to grow from the year before and continue evolving by learning and mastering our work, lives and even our hobbies (which can eventually become your business!)

I mean, who really wants to remain stagnant, never learning new skills or trades, and doing the same thing since 1992?  Those who prefer to remain in their comfort zone tend to regret life passing them by and dwell about what could’ve happened differently in their lives had they chosen to grow.  But that’s not you.  You are ready to grow.

I’ve chosen to grow too and decided that this year, I need to speak more.  While pictures and posts on social media are great and all that, not everyone gets to see them (thanks you new algorithms)!  All good because now it has pushed me to host live seminars where I can bring special guests to share their expertise to help make 2019 a goal-accomplishing year.  And who doesn’t like crushing their goals?!?

So if you live in the SoFlo area, please join me and my special guests Friday, January 18th starting at 7 pm at JK Dance Fitness Studios for a Free Event!  Karlene Masse from Cornerstone Lending will share her extensive knowledge for First-Time Homebuyers and explain the steps to get approved and purchase your first real estate investment.  I am also bringing in Richard Paull of R3 Accounting who will explain the “dos” and “don’ts” of  End-of-Year Income Tax preparation and hopefully get your finances in line so you can purchase your dream home this year.  Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!

Stay tuned to more upcoming seminars that I have lined up this year and take advantage of the knowledge you will learn.  Knowledge is power… seriously!





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