What’s new for 2017?

Happy New Year!!! 2017 is finally here and I’m sure many of you have lots of new ideas & hopes for your future.  I am also excited for the new year as lots of new opportunities are among all  of us.

What’s first on my list? Organization, as in organizing my life!  Honestly, I enjoy being organized.  It helps with seizing the day, knowing what you have to take care of and getting tasks accomplished.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy completing tasks with efficiency and confidence?  It helps to be organized, not only around your office or house, but your life as well!

Life can cause us to keep going… and going… and going!  We get pulled into so many different directions that we try to remember what we initially begun with and then we get pulled into another direction.  It becomes exhausting after awhile.

Take some time to “clean house” as I like to call it.  Take a moment to think about what is working for you and what is not.  Whatever is not working for you, think of it as clutter.  Clutter is anything that is taking up space and even time that is not beneficial for you.  Get rid of all the clutter or put it in the back burner for now.  You never know when that back burner eventually makes its way to the front.  Everything is timing!  But if it has no beneficial use now or even in the future, get rid of it!

Once you get rid or place the clutter in the back burner, now  its time to focus on what’s working for you and make them your goals for the year.  Write it down somewhere so you can always refer to what your initial goals are.  Trust me, so many opportunities or responsibilities will pop up and you will forget what your plans were in the beginning of the year.  Stay focused!  Sure it’s great to be spontaneous, but if you are always saying “I wish I did this” or “I wish I had time to do this”, then you my friend need to stay focused on what you want to do.  We all have time if we make time for it.  If we don’t, the year will be over before you know it and you will be back to square 1 all over again.

Create a To-Do list and mark them off as you go.  I use this wonderful app called Wunderlist where anything that pops in my head that I need to do, I just add it on there so I don’t forget.  Start a list and add to-dos under each list.  For example, for my wedding, I had a list called ‘Wedding 2016’ and added all my to-dos for the wedding under there.  Each day, I would open up my list and see what was pending and mark it off when it’s completed.  It was a lifesaver and everything I wanted for my wedding was done.  No complaints over here!

So with the beginning of the 2017, I will be organizing my life a bit more, placing some things in the back burner and getting rid of the rest, and staying focused on my goals by writing it down and adding/marking off my to-do’s as I go (Yes, I even have a list called ‘Goals 2017’ and do plan on accomplishing them by the end of the year).  2016 was full of opportunities and I was pulled into a million directions it felt like.  But this year, I know I will be a bit more organized and focus more on the direction I want to go in.  It does take a bit a self-discipline, but when the end of the year comes, you can look back and see everything you have accomplished and how much closer you are to your goals than you were in the beginning which makes it all worth it.




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